An Intelligent Multi-modal Cough Sensing Device

Welcome to the website of The VCC: Viral Cough Cop Device - a device to automatically identify potential COVID-19 suspects in public places by analyzing the coughs produced and simultaneously extracts facial identity of the coughing person so that concerned officials can track the suspect, isolate him/her immediately and inquire for further diagnosis.  This is an effort by the Group of Researchers and Innovators at Jadavpur University amidst the pandemic situation to support the healthcare industry as well as the society. However, it is NOT a FINAL DIAGNOSIS TOOL, rather the device will be used as a First-Level Screening Method for crowd management for indoor and outdoor environments in post COVID-19 situation. 

Device Features 


The system is fully-automatic. The user needs to connect the power-supply and the system runs completely automatically. The device tasks include Detection of Cough events in noisy environment, Diagnosis of the cough to detect COVID-19 features, locating the coughing person(s) and extracting their facial identity for future tracking. All of the tasks are performed by the intelligent device itself.


The system acquires only the spontaneous cough sounds for further analysis and inference. Participants/ users do not need to provide any of the demographic data (e.g. Travel History, Health Records, Present Physical Condition, Age, Gender) for diagnosis. Our system is robust and efficient for all participants (known/unknown). Only the necessary data are shared to authorized users only to maintain the personal privacy of coughing persons.  


It is a true Non-contact device in the sense that even when the user/coughing person is several feet away from the system, it works accurately. It means persons having infectious or contagious disease will not need to come in contact of the device and device will remain free of viruses and infectious bacteria for long time.  


The device is battery powered and consumes very low power (additional provisions for continuous power supply are also provided). So, the user can carry it anywhere anytime without any added trouble. Moreover, it is smaller than the size of the i-pads/tablets and will fit anywhere


PC, Laptop, Smart-phone with Android, i-OS - our device will support any device and any operating environment for visualization of the statistics of cough events and coughing persons. Apart from visualization, the device is a standalone system and can be operated even remotely and connected to cloud. 


Communication from device to user is performed over high security and extremely fast communication network so that the information is available and accessible only to the correct user. This ensures safety against data loss or misuse by third-party. 


Consumption of low power allows the system to work in long term basis (even 24*7, if the user needs  so) for ambulatory monitoring purpose. The data produced continuously can be stored in cloud storage, external hardware as per user's requirement. 





Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when the entire world is struggling, researchers are using their knowledge and skills to come up with new technology to support the fight against Corona Virus. Driven by the same thoughts, our group is also using our skills and resources to a unique device for the society. 


Our final goal is to grow from a prototype to a complete device to be usable by novice users. The mission of our project is to reach to the majority of the population so that people from different sections and sectors and even from across the globe get the benefits out of our system.


To develop our system with accuracy and efficiency, we have connected ourselves with several medical experts and researchers across the country. Moreover, we believe in COLLABORATION over competition. We are open for collaborating with other experts and researchers. Interested and dedicated participants are always welcome and can connect to us using our contact details.  

  • Quarantine Centers  
  • Office spaces
  • Classrooms
  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Community Centers  
  • Shopping Malls
  • Public Transports
  • Seminar Rooms and Halls 
  • Theaters


August 27, 2020
Global Finalist of Better Health Hackathon by Microsoft and HCL Technologies
June 16, 2020
Indian Patent Filed for the device. Find details here
May 25, 2020
Experiments have been performed on real acoustic data obtained from COVID-19 patients. 
May 10, 2020
Received very supportive and positive comments about the device from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
April 25, 2020
Invited Talk at Overseas Volunteers for Better India (OVBI) Foundation



UG Researcher 

Jadavpur University


Domain - Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Network, Information Fusion, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence


UG Researcher 

Jadavpur University


Domain - Acoustic & Array Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Analysis, Machine Learning, Embedded Intelligence.

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